Founded in 1999, Calculus is the market-leader providing Advanced Retail Systems, Stock Control, EPOS and eCommerce Web Solutions to the electrical retail industry in both B2C and B2B spaces.

With head-quarters in Crowborough, East Sussex, Calculus supports systems throughout the UK mainland, Northern Ireland, Scottish Islands and Channel Islands.

NCompass Advanced Retail is a powerful software package that transforms a standard computer into an easy-to-use system to help you run all aspects of your business. It has been specifically designed for electrical retailers of any size and is available in different editions to suit the needs and budgets of the smallest independent retailer or service business, through to the high demands of large multiple chains and ecommerce businesses.

Our multi-channels solutions provide the ultimate combination in functionality, ease-of-use and total-cost-of-ownership.

NCompass Advanced Retail powers hundreds of independant retailers, including a large number of retra members, CIH and Sirius members, along with B2B solutions powering groups, such as CI North.

Calculus also have many business partners who include; Retra, Star Micronics, Honeywell, Microsoft, AVG, VeriFone and DrayTek.