How do I Setup Products in my EPOS System?

All Agency and Central Stock products appear in your system, automatically, and only need you to assign a category to them from your chosen list, such as “washing machine” or “television”. Once you’ve added your selling price to non-agency products, you’re ready to go!

Other products are very easy to add, by barcode, model number, or spreadsheet.

How do I Setup an Evolution Offer?

You don’t need to – it’ll happen automatically! All products in your system that can have offers can automatically setup offers in Evolution for them with your preferred settings. Of course, you can control these on a product-by-product basis if you wish.

Do I need to Update Stock & Pricing on Evolution?

No, its all automatic! Agency pricing is updated in your EPOS system automatically, and Central Stock cost prices update automatically, and let you know the changes, so you can decide when to change your selling price. These price changes, plus changes in your own stock levels and the stock at the CIH warehouse all update from the NCompass EPOS system to the Evolution system automatically.

I don’t hold much Stock – Does that mean I won’t get any orders?

Not at all – NCompass looks at not only your own stock, but also the stock you can source from your CIH warehouse, and sends all this combined to the Evolution system, so customers can order any of these items from you, with realistic delivery timescales. The Professional pack will even look at stock availability from your other Tradeplace linked suppliers too!

If you have orders outstanding from Euronics, we’ll automatically update the due dates on those from Euronics, and include that stock in the calculation as well.

What about stock allocations?

NCompass understands stock allocations, and automatically takes these into account when working out if stock is available from your local warehouse.

Requires NCompass 10.23 or later.

What else is integrated?

We’re busy adding more integration all the time, which means you know you’ll always have the best integration available. Currently just some of these include:

  • Central Stock and Agency products automatically updated throughout the day
  • Agency selling price and Central Stock cost price updates throughout the day
  • Warehouse and back order stock status for your local warehouse - including predicted delivery dates - available within EPOS and on your website
  • Integrated price tickets with built-in designer
  • Dedicated member ecommerce websites with your own product listing, pricing and stock integrated from EPOS
  • Exclusive feed of rich product data for Agency products
  • Evolution offers integration including multi-store support – publish company-wide, and store-level display stock data
  • Evolution orders integration – accept & download orders, process and mark as shipped, all without leaving EPOS
  • Integrated digital price ticketing, with designer and full ticket preview within EPOS
  • Smartcare Warranties – automatically quote, sell and register Smartcare warranties in-store and on-line