NCompass Advanced Retail Modules

Amazon Click & Collect Module

Provide an additional sales channel to reach both your existing customers and new potential customers.

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Routing Module

Automatically plan optimize routers for your delivery and service vehicles, calculus estimated time slots.

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Postcode Lookup

Optional Post-code Lookup for rapid entry of addresses to street or property level

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Training & Site Visits

Additional training is available either to top-up your on-site training, or to introduce new staff to the system.

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Claimbacks Module

Efficiently track claimbacks in NCompass, using several different configurations.

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Sales Module

This module allows you to produce receipts and track your sales records electronically.

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Service Module

Track Service Jobs against products purchased from you or elsewhere, and as general Service work only visits which are not related to a specific product.

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Rentals Module

Manage rental agreements within NCompass, including products, payment history, and recurring card payments with a compatible card terminal or provider.

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Tradeplace Module

Check stock availability and automatically raise orders with approved suppliers via tradeplace/customernet.

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Price Ticketing Module

Print price tickets on your A4 printer for display in the showroom, and use the built-in designer to create your own design.

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NCompass Mobile Module

NCompass Mobile 11 Standard includes the following: Delivery and Service Jobs, GPS Location Tracking and the ability to scan items off van.

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NCompass Price Engine Module

Update retail prices automatically based on competitor data you have imported from a spreadsheet, or NCompass has fetched via a separate integration (integration not included in this module)

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Warehouse Stock Management Module

Powerful item-level stock tracking and picking, typically use for in your warehouse. This is the licence for the App that is downloaded to a scanner device.

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These are just some of the modules available to add-on to your NCompass system. Further modules and options are available, including our different Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions of the core system, which offer different feature levels within some modules.

If you would like more information on any of these modules or to discuss any additional requirements not listed here, please let us know below and we'll be in touch to discuss in more detail.

If you would like to add one of these modules to your system, please use the Order Module link against the add-on you are interested in and complete the form. These modules are only available to add to an existing NCompass system, and unless otherwise stated have a 36 month term for the add-on. 

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