NCompass Advanced Retail - Add-ons

The add-ons listed below for NCompass Advanced Retail have a minimum contract term of 36 months; however if you would like to try the add-on, you can cancel without penalty during the first 30 days and only pay the setup fee and one month's service charge*

Modules can be remotely activated, and then you simply fill in the easy-to-use setup screen without step-by-step instructions to get started. If you’d like us to set this up for you, or for us to take you through it, add the optional remote training service.

    NCompass Advanced Retail - Modules

    Setup Monthly Item Quantity Required
    £0 £10 Agreement Review - Module
    £150 £10 Tradeplace Integration - Module
    £550 £15 Advanced Engineer Area & Skill Management - Module
    £50 £15 Advanced Routing (Order one for each engineer / van) - Module
    £0 £10 Customer Loyalty Tracking - Module
    £250 £15 Digital Price Ticketing - Module
    £0 £4 Product Kits - Module
    £300 £20 Claimback Tracking - SOA / Debit Note Management - Module

    NCompass Advanced Retail - Licenses

    Setup Monthly Item Quantity Required
    £50 £15 NCompass Workstation License - Remote Installation

    NCompass Mobile 11 - Licenses

    Setup Monthly Item Quantity Required
    £50 £15 NCompass Mobile 11 - Standard License
    £150 £25 NCompass Mobile 11 - Professional License

    Assisted setup & training -

    Setup Monthly Item Quantity Required
    £300 £- Optional assisted setup & training 2 x 3 hour remote Teams sessions

    Your Details -

    Please Note:
    1. By completing and signing the above form you are agreeing to purchase the select products under our standard terms and conditions (copy available on request).
    2. You may be required to complete additional paperwork detailing exact configuration requirements.
    3. All prices are exclusive of VAT at the standard rate unless explicitly stated otherwise.

    *30 Day trial does not apply to NCompass Workstation & Mobile Licences