Soloco Aggregated Stock and Sale Figures

Soloco have a new service provided by Calculus which will allow them to analyse aggregated stock and sales figures for the group. In order to collate this information, they require you to upload your data to the new Stock and Sales portal.

How you do this depends upon the computer system you are currently running:


Option 1:
If you use NCompass Advanced Retail from Calculus, functionality to supply this data is built into the application. Please contact support who can advise on the process to enabled for you.

Please email or call 0845 125 9193 for more details. Submissions can be manual or fully automatic, and support can advise both methods to suit your requirements.

Option 2:
If you use a modern, actively supported EPOS system, you can request your current system provider to add the functionality to submit the data to the system automatically. An API is available for integration, which is a way in which EPOS systems can send data automatically without needing input from you.

If you would like your system provider to investigate adding this functionality, please ask them to email to request a copy of the technical documentation for the API integration.



Option 3:
If you use an older system no longer being actively developed, or do not have an EPOS system, you can upload the data in a spreadsheet format. You may be able to run a report on your computer system and export it into this format, or a similar format – your provider should be able to help with this.

Once you have a copy of the spreadsheet in the supported format, you can then simply login to the portal and upload it using the ‘Add’ menu option under the ‘Upload’ group.

Data submissions should be completed weekly for the previous week, ideally this should be a Monday morning before 12 noon and should be for the week ending at 23:59 the previous Sunday. Automated systems should, where possible, complete submissions before 6am on the Monday morning for the same period.

As a dealer, you may login to the portal provided, from here you can perform the following actions:
  • View the date and time of your latest submissions
  • View the supplier list you can use
  • Download the spreadsheet template to use for new submissions
  • Upload new data
If you make a mistake in an upload, you can delete it from the portal and resubmit it again. If you require any older data removed please contact Calculus Support for assistance on 0845 125 9193 or via

Who are you?
Calculus Software Solutions are established providers of retail software solutions to the electrical retail industry. We have been selected by Soloco to run the stock and sales platform for the group.

Who has access to our data?
Calculus only have access to your data as required to support the system. Soloco only have access to anonymised data - they cannot see your dealer name or number against your data. Reporting is mainly done looking at group-wide totals.

I'm not sure I can provide this data
Please contact James at Soloco to discuss any issues or concerns over the provision or use of your data.
Can you help me get the data out of my EPOS system?
In the first instance you should contact your EPOS provider for help. If they cannot, please give Calculus a call and ask for Sam Newsome, the phone number is 0845 125 9193. We'll see if we can offer some basic assistance.

I have questions about how to complete the spreadsheet, or about what data you require
Please email quoting "Soloco SAS" in the subject line and we'll be happy to help

Contact Details...
Please take a note of the following contact details for your records, should you require any assistance.

Calculus Software Solutions / / 0845 125 9193

Soloco / / 01707 252 583

Next Steps...

We will shortly be sending over a guide detailing usage of the SAS portal, please watch your emails for it arriving, if you do not receive one please contact us.

Please could you also confirm receipt of this email and confirm which of the 3 data upload protocols you plan to use.

Once again, if you have any questions, queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in contact and we’ll do our very best to assist.

We look forward to working with you all.