How does VoIP help my business?

How VoIP would help your business is fairly simple: By adding voice data to your already existing internal network, you'll reduce costs, improve productivity and enhance collaboration.

You'll save money by having one network to manage instead of two. You can easily add, move, or change phone extensions and locations, which saves money and gives you more flexibility.

Your workforce can use your VoIP system from home or on the road. Also, wireless IP phones connect users to your VoIP system and data resources, such as customer information.

NCompass offers powerful telephony integration features, both for your existing telephone system and when used in conjunction with our own VoIP-based systems.

Can I integrate with NCompass Advanced Retail?

By integrating your telephone system with NCompass Advanced Retail, you can improve both efficiency and customer service. The primary integration functionality is shown below:

Number Dialling

After looking up a customer in NCompass, you can simply double-click a telephone number to dial it. NCompass will then dial out from the extension closest to your machine.

Caller Identification

Caller ID integration allows your telephone system to send the telephone number of the person calling you to NCompass, so NCompass can then display customer details before you even answer the call!

Call Logging

As the phone call is answered, the customers account details are automatically displayed on screen, giving you instant access to all their account details and the ability to log the details of the call.