WebPresence 11 - Website Configuration

Welcome to the Calculus Software Solutions WebPresence 11 Platform. Before your site can be built our team requires a few bits of information from you. Please complete the below form at your earliest convenience, providing as much information as you can!

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    Website Design

    Our Theme 1 solution is a customisable theme which allows us to quickly tailor your website theme. However, for this section we require a rough idea of your company colours / branding. If you would like our team to base this using your existing theme please select the relevant option below.

    To pick the colour for your site we recommend using the following website https://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_picker.asp

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    Content Pages

    As part of your website package your site includes an About Us, Delivery Information, Terms & Conditions and Privacy page

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    There are a few ways that stock can be displayed on your website. Please confirm the option which is suitable for you

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    Example - Call 0845 125 9193 for Availability

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    Product Labels

    The following default labels are available for your site. Please tick the labels you want to display

    Checkout Details

    For your checkout configuration there's a few details that we're going to need to know. This is mainly your payment gateway credentials & delivery options that you offer to your customers.

    Please download the following templates an re-upload the completed versions for your delivery options -

    Delivery Options *

    Payment Gateway Details (DoJo)

    Our Payment Partner DoJo will provide you with a Gateway JWT for your website. Once received please provide us with your Gateway JWT

    We do not require your Gateway Username/URL unless it differs from your website domain name.

    Payment Gateway Details (Opayo/Sagepay)

    Please click the highlighted link below. Whilst on the secure page, please provide the Vendorname, Username and Password for your Opayo/Sagepay account and the text box and select the "Generate Link" button.

    Click here to generate a secure link
    Please paste the secure link below.

    Additional Payment Gateways

    WebPresence 11 supports multiple payment gateways & financing options. If you'd like to receive a quote to add these additional items to your package please tick the options you're interested in -

    Click & Collect *

    Please select yes if you want to offer click and collect to your customers on your site

    Click & Collect locations

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    Google Analytics

    As standard all of our sites are linked to the Calculus Software Solutions Google Analytics account. However, in some cases you may have a pre-existing account with your old provider.

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    Optional - Google Analytics Tag or GTM Tag

    If you have a pre-existing account please our web@findesolutions.com email account and provide us with low-level access. Alternatively provide us with your Analytics or GTM Tag

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