NCompass Mobile Privacy Policy

NCompass Mobile

In order to use NCompass Mobile (other than in demo mode) you must have access to a licensed installation of NCompass Advanced Retail ('NCompass' hereafter). Normally the NCompass Mobile user ('you') would be an employee of the company licensing NCompass ('your company'), and will have an existing privacy relationship in place.

To access full functionality you must log in to NCompass Mobile, with credentials provided to you by your company. You should only log in using details for a company you agree to share the data outlined below with; if you do not login, then no data is shared.

Calculus Software Solutions ('we') provide the NCompass and NCompass Mobile software, and license it to your company.

Demo mode

NCompass Mobile includes a demo mode, which does not require an instance of NCompass. Demo mode aims to realistically reproduce full functionality as far as possible, but with dummy data, and without any data leaving the device.

The data displayed in demo mode is dummy data; the people, addresses and contact details shown in the app are not real. Any data which you enter modify or in demo mode is stored only on the device.

Background location tracking is still enabled in demo mode, to allow demonstration of full functionality, but location data is stored only on the device.

Sections of the policy below which cover collecting, storing and usage of data do not apply to demo mode. Any data stored or modified during a demo mode session is deleted when you log in to a session backed by an instance of NCompass, or when you reset the data in demo mode.

Data collection, use & storage – support data

When you use the NCompass Mobile application, it collects certain information about you.

What we collect

  • Hardware specific information about your device (device ID to identify your device to our application)
  • The system identifier you provide to the application.
  • Version information on the application and associated software.
  • Application configuration settings.

How we use this information

We collect this data to:

  • Help the application connect to your NCompass system.
  • Identify your specific application installation instance for support purposes, for example diagnosing failure to connect to the NCompass system.
  • Notify you when updates are available.
  • Allow specific configuration policies to be applied to your specific device, for example to allow blocking of the app on a device which is temporarily lost.

How we store and share this information

We collect this data over encrypted channels and store this data on Calculus-managed servers, hosted within the UK. Access to the data is restricted to our support staff via password protection. This data is treated as confidential data, and access is limited to that required to support your use of the application, and to analyse usage of the application for support, marketing and product development purposes. The data may be disclosed to third parties only if we are legally required to do so, or you give us permission to do so.

Data collection, use & storage – company data

The NCompass Mobile application collects and processes certain information or data about you and your customers when you use it, as an essential part of the application's functionality.

Data collected is shared with your company, by sending it back to the instance of NCompass licensed by your company. Other employees of your company may have access to this data, but it is not shared with us or a third party.

The app may process/store:

  • Hardware specific information about your device.
  • Your location – further details on this are provided below.
  • Details of your company’s products, stock information and pricing.
  • Your customers’ contact details, such as name, address, and telephone numbers.
  • Details of your customers’ transactions with your company, including their orders, repair jobs and rental agreements and payments made by those customers.

The app will process this data to:

  • Tailor the app to your company's needs.
  • Provide you with the ability to add parts and pricing information to service jobs, orders, and quotations.
  • Show your company's customers’ addresses and their locations on a map, and their contact details, to enable you to visit them. This data is shown when the customers have given permission to your company for it to be used for such purposes.
  • Give you all the information you require when performing field calls (deliveries, service jobs etc), and to send back to your company data on the execution of those field calls.
  • Provide your company with data such as time spent on different stages of different transactions.
  • Present that data in some form to you within the app.

Location tracking

A key functional feature of the NCompass Mobile app is to provide location tracking of you by your company.

NCompass Mobile tracks your location in the background, and sends information about your location back to your company. This is necessary so that your customers can be updated with an estimate of your arrival time, and so that your time on site can be tracked in order to bill customers and determine job costings.

The location data is not shared with us or a third party, and is only shared with your company under their privacy policy.

Location tracking is enabled when you log in to NCompass Mobile, and disabled when you log out. It continues when the app is closed or running in the background, as long as you are logged in – this is to allow accurate details to be reported even when your are using other applications on the device. If you do not agree to this tracking, you can decline the Location permission when prompted, or disable within the Settings menu.

Where we store your data

Your data is primarily stored on your company's NCompass database, and accessed via NCompass Mobile. The application keeps a secure working copy of this data on your device to allow offline functionality. This application's copy of this data is deleted if the application is uninstalled, or if you choose to delete the data from your device settings.

By downloading and using NCompass Mobile you agree to the data storage and usage as outlined within this policy.

Your data security

Communication between NCompass Mobile and NCompass is encrypted. However we are unable to guarantee the security of your data. Any data that you transmit directly or indirectly though the use of this application is done so at your, or your company's, own risk.

Data confidentiality

We understand that your data is confidential, and we will treat it as such. We may require access to your company's data in order to provide support. Any such access will be with the permission of your company, and will be restricted to only that which is required to provide said support.

We may disclose your data to a third party if we are legally required to do so, or if you give us permission to do so, or your company configure, or ask us to configure, NCompass to do so.

Changes to policy

We may revise this policy from time to time. Where we make such changes, we will update this policy here. If you do not agree with changes made to the policy, you should discontinue use of the application – continued use after a policy change indicates your acceptance of the revised policy.