Standard Edition

Running as a dedicated application on your mobile device, the system downloads all necessary information initially, and then sends updates back to your store when an internet connection is available. This powerful ability enables the mobile application to be used even in areas with poor or no signal, and updates are sent back to the store when the application is next able to connect.

  • Receive live status updates for every call
  • See at a glance the current status of all calls
  • Rapidly identify calls which are overdue
  • Automatically notify customers by text when your engineer is on their way
  • Reduce calls from customers and engineers
  • Accurately record timings & costs for calls
  • Improve call assignment efficiency and turnaround
  • Full stock details for delivery
  • Capture serial numbers with automatic update
  • POD instantly available in-store
  • GPS Tracking & Advanced Routing Services

Professional Edition

If the main NCompass system includes the Service module, NCompass Mobile will download details of any Service Calls scheduled for the engineer. In addition to the customer details, the engineer can view the product, fault, and full history of the scheduled Service Job.Details of any charges so far are included along with indication as to it they have been invoiced.The engineer can also add additional history to the Service Job.

  • Includes all Standard Edition Features
  • View product / fault details
  • Existing job history available – keep your engineers informed
  • Confirm outstanding balance while with the customer
  • Add notes, images, costs and charges to the job
  • Record payments from the customer
  • Print receipt with optional portable printer (selected platforms)
  • Update job status
Each mobile device is registered to a specific Engineer or Van, but can easily be updated as required. All scheduled Field Calls for the selected engineer are downloaded to the device, including future days if required. Each call includes the scheduling information, customer name, address and telephone details, along with any specific instructions entered against the Field Call.

One engineer can handle Delivery Calls, Service Calls, Agreement collection rounds, or any combination of these. Engineers can also use Tablets or Windows Notebooks for more detailed data-entry in the field..
The GPS tracking allows you to instantly see the last reported location of each engineer on a map, avoiding the need to purchase separate tracking systems. This helps improve customer service with real-time information on expected arrival times, and ensure efficient field operations. The Advanced Routing option adds capabilities such as finding the engineer closest to a new service call, and suggested route planning to allow you to optimise the routes for your vehicles.