Important RetraCare Warranty Update

As of the 19th August 2019 updated RetraCare warranty rates will be available for download from our Warranty Cloud.
Your system will attempt to automatically download the new rates overnight, but it is important that you check to ensure that they have been downloaded and applied on your NCompass system. If you are in any doubt email Support.

To check the new rates now, please follow this guide:

1. Open Administration > Extended Warranty Templates

2. Check in the list of Codes for the following: NCRC-CO-200-12
Select that Code, and look on the right-hand-side for the “Applies for Retail Price Up To” – if this says -2 your old rates have been removed. If it says any other number then please email Support for assistance

3. Check in the list of Codes for the following: NCSLV-AFF-400-1 & NCGLD-AFF-400-1
If you see these codes, you have received the new rates into your system. If not, please email Support for assistance.

Important! If you have not already done so, please submit any RetraCare policies you have already sold under the old rates immediately. Warranties submitted on the old rates will not be accepted after the 16th of August 2019. For orders that cannot be invoiced before this date please remove the old warranty and re-add the updated warranty to the sale.

Furthermore if your system is set to print out the RetraCare warranty booklet please disregard this print out. Please email our Support team to disable this print out.

If you have any questions in regards to these RetraCare rate changes, please contact your Retra Representative.